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New Jear Offre
EB Pro Classic set VP2 joint
Butt ±475gr 2xShafts ±115gr and free extension Carbon 20cm
Balance point cue 47cm from butt-end
free shipment in Europe
Nomal € 475 now for € 400
New add to our store:
On request from some consumers and soon in stock:
Tzar pool cue tip are made with 8 layer of PREMIUM pigskin leather.
The TZAR tips are available in 4 hardness soft, medium.
They are 14mm so they will have to be cut down and shaped to your shaft.
Now till 31 Januari 2022 from €16,95 for € 15,00
Now added on request the Pigskin 14mm 8 Layer Billiard Pool Cue Tips